Fini (Thanks)

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“That’s all, folks!”

Winnie the Pooh (Disney)

Monday, 12 February 2007; 9:44 by

Although everything Disney is just one big advertisement directed toward children, The Distillery cannot deny any child (or adult) Winnie the Pooh.

Home page:  Winnie the Pooh
Home page: Disney (redesigned site)


Catch of the Day (12.02.2007)

Monday, 12 February 2007; 9:27 by (“Mission Zero”)

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The Distillery is beginning to wonder if Pirelli is as much in the film business as the tire business. First we had the short film, The Call, with John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. This time it is Mission Zero starring Uma Thurman and directed by Kathryn Bigelow. And, there is that beautiful, bright yellow Lamborghini Ms. Thurman is driving. Nice lineup, eh? This is quite the short film. Yes, it is a bit hokey in places, but it gets the [advertising] message across most ably.

The Distillery was among only 1000 viewers initially selected to preview the film before its general release, but today it is available for the entire world. Folks, this is real online marketing. The films from Pirelli are made specifically for the internet and work superbly as online selling tools. This is beyond mere “rich content.” Who can watch this film and walk away not remembering the Pirelli name? And, who can walk away and not remember Uma Thurman?! (Personally, I’ll take the Lamborghini.)

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Catch of the Day (10.02.2007)

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JUSTNET (Justice Technology Information Network) is part of the research and development division of the United States Department of Justice. And as we all know, police and law enforcement need all the help they can get these days. With its in-depth video demonstrations, JUSTNET serves as an “honest broker” offering support, research findings, and technological expertise to help state and local law enforcement and corrections personnel perform their duties more safely and efficiently.

If they are of interest to you, take a few minutes and watch videos on body armor, public safety radio systems, and even how to quell prison riots. There is also the Technology on the Job video [which] provides a look at some of the technologies undergoing research, development, and testing by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The technologies presented in [the] video include video evidence analysis, thermal imaging, geographic information systems, and DNA evidence.

This last highlighted video is comprised of several segments. The Distillery will first point you to the introduction. However, among others you might find the segments on Video Evidence Analysis and DNA evidence interesting. In addition, the videos are offered for both Real and Windows Media players and also in three different bandwidths. Clearly, the information is intended to be readily available to all, regardless of computer resources. Nice job, DOJ.

Home page:  JUSTNET

Allerca Lifestyle Pets

Friday, 9 February 2007; 10:00 by

At a price of $4,000 to $6,000 per kitten, it is pathetic that Allerca uses YouTube to distribute its video content. Can Allerca not afford a decent web designer? At least they are not using rehashed 30-second commercials, but instead 2-3 minutes segments from the three major networks’ morning and evening news programs.

And, somewhat as an aside, The Distillery can only wonder when Google/YouTube will begin charging firms for purely commercial video distribution. Rest assured that day will come.

Home page:  Allerca Lifestyle Pets


Catch of the Day (08.02.2007)

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G.I. Joe (Monkeybar TV)

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This one is not only for boys still in their childhood, but also grown men who have never outgrown their G.I. Joe action figures. (Girls, you had Barbie and it was a doll.) And, it is a counterpoint to the ever-popular also found here at The Distillery.

The G.I. Joe site is quite impressive. There are games and online cartoons. Also found are comic books, wallpapers, and the now oft’seen TV commercials placed online. However, the latter are not used as the site’s primary content as is seen all too frequently. Kudos to Hasbro’s Monkeybar TV and G.I. Joe for a site well done. (Okay little and big boys alike, let’s play!)

Home page:  G.I. Joe
Cartoons:  G.I. Joe
Home page:  Monkeybar TV

Quite the big gun you have there, Joe.

Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs)

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Having just launched its new site yesterday [07 Feb. 07], let’s keep our eye on Kentucky Derby 133. The site looks very promising at this early stage and it seems video will be a primary component.

Home page:  Kentucky Derby
Home page:  Churchill Downs

Catch of the Day (07.02.2007)

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United States Marines

Wednesday, 7 February 2007; 9:00 by

The Marines have marched from the Halls of Montezuma to the advertising agencies of Madison Avenue. At least so it appears from the U.S. Marines’ very excellent web site/recruiting tool. And although the site does not open with lights and sounds, plenty are to be found within.

This site is very well designed. It is far beyond being “good enough for government work.” Subtle sounds keep dead air to a fair minimum. Louder background sounds do the same elsewhere throughout the site. Navigation around a very large site has been made quite manageable. In all, there are many little touches that take this site to excellence. And despite the war in Iraq and larger war on terror, the site certainly makes The Distillery feel All-American and very proud to be so.

Look for videos highlighting the silent drill team, combat arms, the motto Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps bands, and many other aspects of Marine life. You will find the many videos scattered throughout the sight with just enough frequency to keep one interested and looking.

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