Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments has come a very long way since 1973, when I purchased my first TI calculator for the outrageous price of $175 USD. As I recall, the calculator’s most significant and advanced features were operations for exponentials, squares, and square roots. But, times have changed.

Texas Instruments now offers Digital Light Processing (DLP) chips in televisions and other video products. Although far from being the most exciting of online multimedia presentations, TI’s DLP demonstration does a nice job of explaining DLP technology. Only a little more exciting, and lasting only a few short seconds, is a demonstration of DLP Cinema.

I can only assume TI expects geeks, and not typical consumers, to get excited about such boring Flash presentations. They did not leave me wanting to rush out and buy a DLP TV or see DLP Cinema anytime soon.

Only a tad more exciting is TI’s video presentation of its DaVinci Technology in either Windows Media or Quicktime. And just what is that? Quoting from the TI DaVinci web site: See live action like you’ve never imagined: closer, clearer and crisper. DaVinci™ Technology enables you to stream live, high-performance video directly to portable, handheld devices, an on-board intelligence system in your car, or even the command center in your television, just to name a few. Wow! (Not.)

Digging a little deeper into the Texas Instruments web site, we discover “cars that drive themselves”, TI’s entry in DARPA’s (Army Research) annual contest to build an unmanned vehicle capable of completing an obstacle course over rugged terrain.

Requirements: Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media

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