Mountain Dew


My first click at the Mountain Dew web site took me to its music player. Not bad, but do not expect Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, Sr., or Bruce Springsteen. (Remember, this music is for the “Dew” generation.) Put differently, there is a striking contrast to the soothing music found at some other web sites here. A click on the faux-widget labeled “click to drop in” took me to a Sims-like game of playful skateboard action.

Mountain Dew makes a modest attempt at embracing Web 2.0 technology. The home page is Ajax-powered with movable widgets. However, the Dew Gaming widget leads to a static and decidedly out-of-date concert tour schedule. (Does that revert the site back to a typically “Who’s paying attention here?” Web 1.0 site?)

The Dew Feature widget takes one to either the Be Nocturnal online game introducing a new product, the Pepsi Free Ride contest with a Chevy Tahoe as the main prize and Time to Thrill online game, or off-site to and the Dew Circuit Breakout. A mash-up of winners of the free gasoline prize again uses Web 2.0 features. And, two Pepsi Free Ride TV ads can also be viewed. (Pepsi? Yes, remember that Mountain Dew is a Pepsi product.)

A click on the Dew Sports widget takes you to either Mountain Dew Street Ball, Fueled By Dew Fantasy [NASCAR] Racing, or the very static and boring “First Descent” DVD web site. (Do not waste your time with the last.) However, we again find out-of-date content after clicking on Mixtape Tour 2005, so do not waste a click there. A click on Mountain Dew Street Hoops followed by another on See MD Streetball Pics and Videos supposedly takes you to a few short streetball videos, but I found only one that actually worked — and I am not even certain how I got it to work. It took a lot of seemingly random clicks. (Yes, that section is very poorly designed. Again, is anyone really paying attention?)

Some of the more engaging content is found at the House of Dew where a trailer of First Descent can be viewed. Also take a few minutes to click around each room to discover any surprises that might be found. At the very least you will find a smile or two. Last, but not least, explore MDTV to view and vote for your favorite Mountain Dew commercial.

And here is the Diet Mountain Dew shark commercial for which everyone seems to be looking. (Thanks, YouTube.)

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