Pepsi (and Midnight Club 3 and NASCAR)


Pepsi (the other cola) brings us a vault of their television ads for viewing at your leisure. From there you can stop in at the Pepsi Street Motion Tour where you can find [current!] tour dates, wallpapers, and even a Pepsi Winamp skin. (The garish skin is okay if you are a rabid Pepsi fan. Otherwise….)

Pepsi’s co-conspirator (oops, I mean co-sponsor) of the tour, the video game Midnight Club 3 provides several trailers from the game in either Quicktime or Windows Media format.

For some fun at the office, try your hand at Pepsi’s Prime Time Racing Game. I’m no Jeff Gordon or Dale Jr., but I found it a blast. And, you can have a 360 degree QTVR look at Jeff Gordon’s No. 24 racing car.

And last [for now], although we are in the middle of the NASCAR season, spring is the time for baseball. Baseball fans can play Pepsi’s Base Runner Game. Watch your timing and run fast to get on base, but be careful and don’t get picked off by that crafty pitcher, the legendary Sidd Finch, there on the mound!

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