There are things that when we first see them amaze us. However, in very short order we also take them for granted. And just maybe that’s why we all know of its products, but do not know of the company that makes them — Sportvision. What would football on TV now be without those seemingly magic yellow lines marking the line of scrimmage or the first down line? And what NASCAR fan did not immediately fall for the graphics that followed and easily identified each car/driver as it sped around the track at Daytona or Talladega?

Enjoy watching Sportvision’s 2005 Showcase Reel (in either Windows Media or Quicktime, and either broadband or dial-up), but then look to the bottom of your screen at the Sportvision site to view individual videos from baseball, horse racing, golf, the Olympics, basketball, soccer, bowling, and other sports.

(Advisement: With Microsoft being too cheap to pay someone only a few million dollars for proper use of their patent, many multimedia sites that use Flash and/or Active-X may now seem to work very poorly. That has been my experience following installation of the *optional* [at least for now] “upgrade” offered by Microsoft in order to bypass the patent ruling. Feel free to leave a comment here if you are having problems at sites highlighted here and I will pass along the suboptimal work-arounds offered by Microsoft. However, they may not be for the more technically challenged among us. Still, I will help if possible.)

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