Four Roses Bourbon


Four Roses Bourbon has an interesting history. It was first an American colonial-era distillery that eventually garnered as much as 40% or more of the American bourbon market before being bought by a Canadian firm that then promptly ceased its selling of the #1 preferred bourbon in America. Many years later, Four Roses was sold to a Japanese firm that again began distilling, bottling, and selling Four Roses bourbon in the United States. However, only one variant of the bourbon is available here (and only in Kentucky), but several premium versions of the brand are available in Europe and Japan. So now we have one of the original American Bourbon distilleries owned by a Japanese firm that sells only a very small portion of the product in the original U.S. market.

All that said, the web site is a mix of slow Kentucky aging and targeting of Generation-X. However, enjoy the former by watching two videos, one about the grains used and another about the propriety yeast used to ferment Four Roses Bourbon during the production process.

(Comment: I also learned at this site that Four Roses was one of only six distilleries that were allowed to remain in operation during Prohibition — to produce bourbon for “medicinal purposes.”)

Distillery Proof Rating = 4

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