Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey


First, a disclaimer. I have worked for Jack Daniel’s as a marketing consultant. Should you perceive any bias in this posting, negative or positive, that should explain it. However, it is likely to be positive given each check was accompanied by a bottle of Gentleman Jack. (Ya just gotta love some consulting gigs.) And, the “behind-the-scenes” tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery made possible by my consulting was most definitely my MBA students’ favorite non-classroom “learning experience.” (Afterward, we would head over to the George Dickel Distillery, only a few short miles distant from J.D.)

True to form, the Jack Daniel’s web site is an interesting mix of modern marketing and good’ol boy homespun whiskey selling. (Note: The good ol’boy homespun aspect is not necessarily fake, but it is also no accident. That much I quickly learned while in Lynchburg, TN.) For example, just as the web site’s Virtual Tours are conducted by drawling Jack Daniel’s employees hired from the local populace, the seemingly off-the-cuff presentations given during actual distillery tours have been very well-honed for maximum marketing effect.

One of those very modern aspects of Jack Daniel’s marketing can be found in its Jack Daniel’s Studio No. 7, a music mixer not at all unlike those found at Pepsi and Coca-Cola, and providing over 200 segments of music that can be mixed to create your own special sounds. Very modern marketing is continued with the engaging Jack Daniel’s Racing page where clicking on the analog gauges delivers several rich multimedia presentations — including short videos, recorded audio, and a few static photos. I recommend first clicking on the Gallery gauge and going from there.

(Comment: Do you know what makes Tennessee Whiskey special? Any whiskey labeled “Tennessee Whiskey” must be charcoal-filtered. And although some bourbons are also charcoal-filtered, that step in the process is not required by law for any nomenclature of bourbon products.)

Distillery Proof Rating = 7

2 Responses to “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey”

  1. christopher downey Says:

    your site wont alow me to regester, why??????????
    is it becous im in the uk?

    i love jack daniel’s, and drink it all the time when im out?.

  2. SippinWhisky Says:

    Register? It appears you made it. But FYI, this blog is set up to keep spammers at bay. That may cause some difficulty for perfectly legitimate commenters at times. If so, please do drop me an e-mail @ sippinwhisky_(@)_pobox_(dot)_com. (BTW, spam won’t get through there, either.)

    And if you like Jack, be certain to try Gentleman Jack. That’s my fave after consulting with Jack Daniels regarding its marketing many years ago.

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