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Boost (The Ad Council)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 14:55

The Ad Council gave video cameras to 10 youths having trouble completing basic education. From the Ad Council’s Boost campaign, these are their stories (click on See the Class of ’06).

Distillery Proof Rating = N/A (The Distillery has decided to not critically rate what it deems to be PSAs, unless there is something exceptionally positive or negative to note.)

drop (Hong Kong)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 14:18

drop is described as an intimate lounge-style venue and the hottest ticket in Hong Kong. Getting through the door may be as hard as getting past the Pearly Gates, but it’s worth to sample some of Hong Kong’s grooviest DJ’s and fruit-flavored martinis. And, it is supposedly the hang-out place for Manchester United, Robbie Williams, The Cranberries, and The Pet Shop Boys whenever they are in HK.

Distillery Proof Rating = (awaiting membership approval)

Sketch (London)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 13:38

The London restaurant Sketch was conceived by master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restauranteur Mourad “Morrad” Mazouz. Sketch is billed as a food, art, and music center. And if it is even half as nice as its web site, I will most certainly save up my pennies for a stop-by the next time I am in London.

Distillery Proof Rating = 10!

Sir Elton John (Elton John AIDS Foundation)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 13:10

Sir Elton John appeals to the United States Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee for more global AIDS relief funding.

The Sir Elton John AIDS Foundation

Distillery Proof Rating = N/A (The Distillery has decided to not rate what it deems to be PSAs, unless there is something exceptionally positive or negative to note.)

Frankfurt (helicopter fly-over)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 12:47

Enjoy this very brief helicopter fly-over of the city of Frankfurt. It appears they are preparing for FIFA 2006 and wish visitors to have a feel for the city even before they arrive.


Friday, 10 March 2006; 12:13

Again, we see a very static product (heating radiators) from TUBES that has been made less so with only the addition of some music.

(Comment: I see a good deal of this–adding only music–as I look around the web. I have two thoughts about it. First, it is better than nothing. A silent site keeps my [and many others’?] attention for all of 10 seconds unless I am very specifically looking for something. I never “hang around” a static and silent site to see what gems might be hidden. Typically, there are none.

But second, it is cheating. The internet has unique capabilities for interacting with and engaging the user that are found nowhere else (except maybe at state fair side shows). There are countless entities that do not at all seem to understand the internet is a true multimedia platform–and that is what its users are beginning to expect.

It has long been accepted in advertising that entertaining the consumer is a very effective means of getting and keeping his/her attention. In the parlance of academia, “attitude toward the ad” is almost invariably positive when the consumer is merrily engaged with the advertisement and its product. But again, it seems all the years of marketing research to prove that point are forgotten by firms as they approach that new-fangled thing called the “internet.”)

Distillery Proof Rating = 2

The Color of Stone (Antolini Luigi & C)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 11:32

How about taking a very static product (Italian marble) and adding a bit of subdued marketing sizzle? That is what Antolini Luigi & C have accomplished with its online advertising, simply by adding soothing background music.

Distillery Proof Rating = 2

2007 Audi Q7

Friday, 10 March 2006; 10:57

The Q7 is Audi’s performance SUV. Go ahead, get in, and enjoy the test drive as a passenger. The automobile’s salient features casually explained by your driver along the way. (His English is excellent. Why the subtitles?)

Distillery Proof Rating = 9 out of 10

(Sorry guys, but there isn’t an able-bodied lab tech to assist you with this one as you had with the Volkswagon.)

Lonworks by Echelon

Friday, 10 March 2006; 10:15

This one if for the true Geeks out there. I don’t know about you, but the Lonworks Device Networking Platform has long been high on my wish list. Kudos to Echelon for not only an excellent overview of their product, but also for having it end with a form by which interested viewers can request more information. That, to date, is a first for sites featured by The Distillery. I like both the entertainment and the focus on the bottom line. Yes, they can [and should] co-exist.

Distillery Proof Rating = 8 out of 10 (Coming soon! Discuss the ads and The Distillery’s ratings. The Distillery has been chosen as a beta tester for 3bubbles.)

Distillery Proof Rating = ??

The Bounceometer by Shock Absorber

Friday, 10 March 2006; 9:53

This Flash presentation of the Bounceometer by Shock Absorber requires a rating of at least PG-13 and possibly even R. However, we are indeed featuring a very real product, sports bras, that solves a very real problem for many female athletes. You may now proceed to find the sports bra that is perfect for you.

Distillery Proof Rating = ??