Again, we see a very static product (heating radiators) from TUBES that has been made less so with only the addition of some music.

(Comment: I see a good deal of this–adding only music–as I look around the web. I have two thoughts about it. First, it is better than nothing. A silent site keeps my [and many others’?] attention for all of 10 seconds unless I am very specifically looking for something. I never “hang around” a static and silent site to see what gems might be hidden. Typically, there are none.

But second, it is cheating. The internet has unique capabilities for interacting with and engaging the user that are found nowhere else (except maybe at state fair side shows). There are countless entities that do not at all seem to understand the internet is a true multimedia platform–and that is what its users are beginning to expect.

It has long been accepted in advertising that entertaining the consumer is a very effective means of getting and keeping his/her attention. In the parlance of academia, “attitude toward the ad” is almost invariably positive when the consumer is merrily engaged with the advertisement and its product. But again, it seems all the years of marketing research to prove that point are forgotten by firms as they approach that new-fangled thing called the “internet.”)

Distillery Proof Rating = 2

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