MTV Overdrive (music and videos for spring break!)


Co-sponsored by Mountain Dew’s, MTV Overdrive is MTV’s broadband video channel. Of greatest interest to our younger viewers, especially right now during spring break, is indeed Overdrive’s video channel, Spring Break.

The initial action by the Overdrive player is to review MTV’s video hits for the current week. Very nice. However, do not be alarmed by the requests for licensing authorizations that pop up at the beginning of each music video. Permit them; they cost nothing. Just click Yes and Play when presented the options. (Confession: I admit to very much liking Madonna.)

In addition to all of the above, the player also offers music video premieres, entertainment news, movie trailers, and a TV programming guide. The player seems very well-designed and worked perfectly during my visits. (Another first in The Distillery’s searches. There is even an optional survey for user feedback about their experiences with the player.) Kudos to MTV Overdrive. Music lovers, younger and older, could find themselves spending a great deal of time having fun at MTV Overdrive.

Distillery Proof Rating = 10!

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