“When She’s Hot” (Old Spice)


How about your father’s (or grandfather’s) brand of aftershave — Old Spice? Out of touch with the times, right? Wrong! Enjoy watching the proof, the director’s cut of When She’s Hot.

You can even try your hand at editing the video to create your own cuts by simply dragging and dropping video and sound clips. Then just address and click to send your creations to friends. (It’s superb AJAX-powered Web 2.0 fun.)

Distillery Proof Rating = ??

16 Responses to ““When She’s Hot” (Old Spice)”

  1. Zen Realist Says:

    OH Daddy!

  2. SippinWhisky Says:

    Imagine my surprise when I got home and only then realized I had [without thinking] purchased a stick Old Spice deodorant. Who says the peripheral route (vs. the central) to persuasion isn’t effective?

  3. Zen Realist Says:

    Psychology or business (marketing)?

    I mean YOU.

  4. SippinWhisky Says:

    Am I getting this right? You actually know of what I am speaking when I reference the peripheral and central routes to persuasion and the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Petty and Cacioppo? If so, it was indeed a test and you passed with flying colors. (And I thought no one would know I was just another dog on the internet.)

    But to answer your question, my training is in business (marketing/marketing research).

  5. SippinWhisky Says:

    Who are you?

  6. Zen Realist Says:

    A rational empiricist/epistomologist, self-taught, no particular profession or trade, unrelenting curiosity, honesty … believer in contingent truths/rational positivity.

    Most humans are persuaded via the peripheral route, a seeming paradox. Peripheral may not necessarily be equated with or defined as “temporary”, in terms of the outcome(s) and the sustainability of outcome(s), if viewed in terms of heuristics and acquisition of knowledge through all modalities (rational and irrational) and acceptance of the fact that humans are predominantly emotional or irrational.

    Yes, I know what you’re talking about. No, I never heard of this model, but I just looked it up.

  7. Zen Realist Says:

    I am not a “just another”.
    I am not a dog.
    I am pink, but not a frog.

  8. SippinWhisky Says:

    “Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a frog…a frog?”

    “Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog, it’s just little ‘ole me, Underdog !”

  9. Zen Realist Says:

    Li’l ‘ole you or li’l ole me?

    Tis not I.
    Neither li’l nor an underdog I be.

    Art thou the underdog be?

  10. Zen Realist Says:

    Art though playful AND a poet?
    Oh, me!

  11. Zen Realist Says:


    Art THOU playful and a poet?

    Another mistake? OH, me!!!

  12. SippinWhisky Says:

    “The Three Oddest Words”

    When I pronounce the word Future,
    the first syllable already belongs to the past.
    When I pronounce the word Silence,
    I destroy it.

    When I pronounce the word Nothing,
    I make something no non-being can hold.

    ~by Wislawa Szymborska

  13. Zen Realist Says:

    Comment re yesterday:

    My arts and doths and bes confused
    This leaves me both chagrinned, bemused.
    Three mistakes in just two days
    Do not think less of me, I pray.

    A virtue tis these errors to ignore.
    I’ll try to make mistakes no more.
    Some much for making good first impressions.
    Succumb not, I admonish myself, to depression.

    Perfect, apparently, I am not.
    As a writer, thinks he, she’s not so hot.
    Neither as a poet, she admits.
    Then, pausing, reflects on his recent blog hits.

    But, wait! What this? Should thinking she bother
    He states he’s a dog, like all of the others.
    Might this a parapraxis be?
    Behind her hand escapes “tee hee!”

    Testosterone enriched, no shame
    A Marketer wont to exclaim,
    “Those stupid girls, they’re all the same!”

    A braggart and a boaster be
    This may be his philosophy.
    Or, is it? She is caused to wonder.
    Perhaps he’s different from the others.

    A Man of Letters, he might be
    From Oxford University.
    The “test,” the “test”, what this implied.
    Behind his writing he cannot hide.

    Contrariwise, he might simply be
    Opinionated, obnoxious, overly.
    Contrariwise, oh! sigh, again,
    He’s clever for a blogging man.

    Contrariwise, a-gain, a-gain
    Shakespeare hath foretold his feign.
    Upon the stage, striding back and forth
    Proclaiming “To be!”, “Thou art!”, “Thou doth?”

    An underdog, I am, he cries.
    She thinks, a ploy to wet my eyes?
    So boldly stated, not pathetically,
    He must think I’ve lived hermetically!

    Whichever story you might choose,
    Dear Sippin’ here’s a precious clue:
    Divulge your secrets not, or lose!

    And, now, again, verbose today
    About your last message, this I say:

    A riddle or a message he flings?
    Is this wisdom couching as the King?
    The first two lines are obvious.
    The last to muddle this fine lass?

    In science, math, are absolutes
    Zero, logic, ratios, forsooth!
    This Marketer an analyst be
    A minimalist communes with me.

    Today this Minimalist, with ironic precision
    May revenge his history, a not Nobel decision.
    Tis not the action of a King
    But an underdog, his one last fling.

    A “non-being” by definition cannot be,
    thus the last line is illogical, you see.
    A challenge therein this line must lie
    It begs the question: Neither you nor I?

    Wherein nothing is something I cannot hold
    This challenge is something very bold.
    This underdog will share his flea
    Admonish I: n’er ask oneself to be or not to be.

  14. SippinWhisky Says:

    Please check your e-mail.

  15. jack Says:

    who is this chick? she is so effin’ hot? what’s her name and phone number?

  16. SippinWhisky Says:

    Yes, she continues to be one of the most popular blog entries.

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