Panik House Entertainment (The Pinky Violence Collection)


“Only in America.” That old saying simply does not apply this time. Let me begin with the corporate mission statement of Panik House Entertainment:

Panik House is the world’s most dynamic new purveyor of extraordinary entertainment on DVD. Focusing on high-energy, wildly inventive genre films with a particular spotlight on Asian Cinema, Panik House approaches every title from a fan’s point of view. Since these are the movies we love, we bring them to DVD with a sense of commitment, expertise and attention to detail that matches our passion and experience. Panik House searches the globe to find the most exciting, innovative and groundbreaking motion pictures to produce premium-quality, collector-caliber DVDs.

Sounds entirely “corporate,” doesn’t it? Then contrast it with these trailers from Panik House’s Pinky Violence Collection. But first, their introduction:

Female bikers! Catfights! Gang violence! Panik House’s Pinky Violence collection expands on classic exploitation “bad girl” archetypes with an explosive abandon. Fans of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters should brace themselves for the be-all, end-all and show-all of what’s possible in the realms of grindhouse girls gone way-past-wild.

Warning!: These movie trailers may contain sexual images and graphic violence. Some content is not suitable for minors.

  • Criminal Woman: Killing Melody
  • Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess
  • Girl Boss Guerilla
  • Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom
  • You might now be questioning why these have been added. These trailers provide vivid illustration of cultural differences in what is considered both entertaining and acceptable by different locales and their populaces (i.e., consumers). They remind us that the internet is truly global (well, except for China) and significantly different considerations about any promotions might need to be given to a now borderless marketplace. Will your online promotions attract their intended audiences? What about unintended audiences? Will the fact that online promotions are sometimes not easily and narrowly targeted, nor constrained within selected geographical markets and demographics, make a difference in what your firm/product decides to present online vs. in traditional media outlets?

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    1. Zen Realist Says:

      Dear Sippin’,

      You slippin’?

      Where’s your stuff? Need my daily feed.

      -Zen Realist
      (NOT Zen Entropy)

    2. SippinWhisky Says:

      I do apologize. I have been *extremely* busy lately. However, thank you for reinforcing that [entirely self-imposed] guilty feeling I already have. I will not tary again. See you with something new and neat tomorrow — and thanks for the support.

    3. Zen Realist Says:

      One signatory (not sic) note re yesterday:

      While Zen Entropy has a lovely ring,
      Zen In Absentia is what I really mean.


      Thank YOU!

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