(General Motors)


Regular visitors to The Distillery have no doubt gleamed that I do not entirely approve of GM’s online marketing. Maybe it is too many committees and too many different advertising agencies spread across too many continents. There is not an unifying theme as one sees with several other automobile manufacturers, even with very different vehicle styles in their lines. GM’s online marketing efforts are as about disjointed as they come. At least that is my opinion.

However, I do like GM’s site, an interactive site designed to assist potential buyers in making the proper vehicle selection for their lifestyles. (By the way, marketing researchers found out decades ago that an individual’s personality and vehicle selection are not correlated. Yes, believe it or not — you are not what you drive.) Click through the site to make certain decisions about what one likes to do, and at the end see what vehicle(s) are suggested for you.

And although the site is not overly entertaining, do take a moment to select the type of music you wish to hear as you click through with your decisions. Available musical genres include jazz, latin, hip-hop, blues, pop, and classical. Now that’s covering all the bases. So much for a tightly specified target market, eh? (Hey! Where is the reggae? No reggae; then no GM vehicle for me!)

While there, also take time to visit the GM Virtual Museum and enter GM’s Major League Baseball Sweepstakes.

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