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After catching the [gentle] ire of a few viewers for not posting regularly as of late, I have made a promise to keep everyone happy by being more attentive. Thanks for letting me know you are paying attention. And, I promised something special. I hope this meets your expectations.

Flying the frog flag, Strawberry Frog terms itself your friendly neighborhood advertising agency. And with its worldwide presence, it is likely fairly nearby and they do produce some of the best advertising I have seen. Clients include Heineken, Gas Jeans, Old Navy, MTV, Elle, Komen, Global Warming, and quite a range of others. I especially like their explanations of each ad’s goals and/or objectives. ‘Tis most educational — and fun.

I must admit these guys and gals get it right, especially with their FishGutter ad for Asics. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to Asics to FishGutter. Click on the image to view the video clip.) One of the most formidable challenges facing any advertisement is cutting through all of the clutter, and FishGutter cuts all the way through to the quick. I assure you FishGutter is like few ads you have seen. I am still laughing.

I next call your attention to a much shorter production, Air Pollution Affects Us All for the Singapore Environment Council, that is again very different in its own right, but gets the message across to viewers. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to SEC. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

After that, turn your attention to You for Pharmacia Upjohn. Again, do take time to read Strawberry Frog’s rationale for the advertisement. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to PharmaciaUpjohn. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

Follow likewise to view ads for Komen, Old Navy (Pick Up, Cord Farm) , IKEA (GoCubic), Boomer Coalition, Mitsubishi (Grandis, Colt, EvoIII, Outlander, WRC), Asics (Hero Breath, Kill Bill), and Heineken (Shopping). (Quite a range, eh?)

We then learn about an individual [heroine?] named Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma. Targeted toward MTV’s audience of teenagers, no words are spoken, but the advertisement speaks volumes. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to MTV. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

And last, although it is not multimedia, take time to read Strawberry Frog’s philosophy at frogism. If ever I need advertising that is different, entertaining, and superb — for the internet and/or traditional media outlets — I am definitely calling Strawberry Frog! Given the range of their campaigns, it is clear that Strawberry Frog has never heard the words “cookie cutter.”

4 Responses to “Strawberry Frog”

  1. Zen Realist Says:

    I completely agree.

    Although Pinky Violence, viewed most positively or hopefully, might be considered a tribute to the unleashed freedom from historical social and cultural bondage of Japanese women during the past three decades, it might also be described as “from iki to icky” (unless, of course, one enjoys bound breasts, blood, violence, and sadism toward women … albeit by women toward women … And, despite what might be described, perhaps, as pleasures of a certain particularity, we’ll not now go there).

    Strawberry Frog, by contrast–apart from the hair-raising depiction of the plight of Daw Aung San Suu Ky–is optimistic in its most extreme and a tribute to the power of humor.

    Thank you, Sippin’. Take me with you. You’ve done it again! A beautiful end to another rather intense, though pleasurable, day.

    To today’s “normal” media: Opiate get thee behind me!

    Zen Pink Frog

  2. Zen Realist Says:


    “… Although Pinky Violence … considered a tribute to the unleased freedom, during the past three decades, from historical social and cultural …”


    The Frog

  3. SippinWhisky Says:

    Hello, Zen Realist. You might also like this USA Today write-up about Strawberry Frog and its founder, Scott Goodson. His small frog of an advertising agency very has quickly made a big splash in a very big pond.


  4. Zen Realist Says:

    Thanks for the story.

    NOTE: Pink is not poisonous; neither are strawberries. Haven’t had much experience with frogs.

    Thanks again.

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