Is less sometimes more? Quite possibly so if it is consistent with a brand’s or product’s overall gestalt. On the other hand, achieving more with less is far easier said than done. Need an example of it being done well? Then let us look at the truly exceptional online marketing efforts of TAZO Tea.

Much of the beauty in this site is in very subtle details. Pay close attention or you may miss some of them. Also note the subtle humor (e.g., IAQ?). Marketing researchers have discovered that although humor can make an advertisement or product very memorable, too much of it can sometimes “crowd out” consumers’ brand recall and conation, effectively decreasing product sales. (Yea, go figure. It’s another one of those counterintuitive things.) However, TAZO Tea seems to have found that almost perfect [Zen?] balance. So take a few deep breaths to first calm and center yourself, and then enjoy.

Oh, and be sure to consult the Tea Leaf Oracle while you are there. You do wish to know your future, don’t you?

Tazo Tea

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