This may come as shocking news to some of you, but men can be quite vain. But then again, there is the tale of Narcissus in ancient Greek mythology, and his self-destructive love for his own beauty. Axe has taken count of both today’s men and ancient mythology and turned them into one of the most successful product lines in men’s cosmetics and personal hygiene.

But unlike Old Spice which has had to refurbish its image to appeal to today’s younger generation of men [and women?], Axe is clearly in lock-step with the current marketplace, and both its marketing and products fully embody the attitudes of many of today’s younger males. (So much so that it seems one part of the Axe site,, has been deactivated. I will look more into that and report back with anything interesting.) Keep Old Spice in mind as you wonder through the Axe web site. Regardless of what Old Spice has done, and done well, it obviously lags far behind Axe in its understanding of a highly desired target market with lots of disposable income.

Less you not take time to fully explore Axe’s online marketing and see all that is there (and there is a lot), remember this warning from Axe: Do not spray Axe bodyspray in eyes, over open flames, near female correctional facilities, or sorority events.

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