Pocky Chocolate (in Japanese)


Although I speak a very, very small amount of Mandarin Chinese, I neither speak nor read any Japanese. However, there is still fun to be had with this commercial for Japan’s Pocky Chocolate.

  • Windows Media
  • Apple Quicktime
  • Sanstream
  • Is there something to be learned here? Yes, indeed. The best video quality is found in the last of the three options, Sanstream. It is clearly a Japanese software media player that must first be downloaded and installed on the viewer’s computer, and only through some arcane hocus-pocus would work with my browser (Maxthon/I.E.7).

    Would an American-based advertising agency be aware of this if working on a campaign for the Japanese market? Would you or your firm? Is it what that particular technology-driven market prefers? These are matters which must be considered, but are easily overlooked, misunderstood, or simply do not exist in a different culture’s mindset. As was always said at the beginning of the then ground-breaking TV series Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there.” It applies to your global advertising, too.

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