American Eurocopter


Eurocopter military helicopters are exclusively marketed and supported from Eurocopter’s company headquarters in France. And thanks to the ease of Internet [sic] travel, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know without experiencing the slightest bit of jet lag.

The above quote from the American Eurocopter web site directly addresses the point I intended to mention after viewing the 186 MB[!] film advertising its AS350 civilian helicopter. (It is made in the USA). Even just a few years ago, delivering such sales content to a potential customer would have required at least a CD-ROM and postage costs. Not exceptionally expensive, but not cheap either. If I recall correctly, the manufacturing costs for a corporate sales pitch on which I consulted was about $5 USD per CD. But today, with with the almost ubiquitous spread of broadband in business markets, the relative cost is close to zilch.

And should you wish not to download and watch an entire 186 MB file, there are plenty of other (and shorter) video advertisements for other helicopter models from American Eurocopter at its web site, including one for its all-weather air-to-air combat Tiger.

Eurocopter Tiger HAP

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