Computer Tutor (BBC)


As some of you may well know, the BBC is expanding onto the web as a loudly stated mission. However, they recognize that computers and the internet are still new-fangled gadgets for not a small number of people–although personal computers have been around in a usable form for 25 years now. (Indeed, just who were those people that obviously thought PCs could be nothing more than a passing fad?) So how does the BBC maintain, and even expand, their audience base during this time of transition and expansion? Answer: the BBC Computer Tutor.

BBC Computer Tutor logo

Addendum (an honest-to-goodness “buy it” plug): After viewing the Computer Tutor, there is one piece of software I strongly suggest all internet users include in their security arsenals–an excellent password manager. And if you are just getting started with a new computer, this is the very best time to begin using one. Its use will become habitual and later you will not face the tedious process of entering all the passwords you can remember. (And not a one of those you do not.)

Although you should not use the same password for different accounts, you do, don’t you? And, you also do not follow firmly established and accepted rules (e.g., using mixed cases, including numbers and/or symbols) to create strong passwords, right? And, you almost certainly have at least one password actually written down somewhere, I bet. (I know. I once did all those things, too.)

Might I then suggest Access Manager as a secure solution to storing all your passwords? That is what I use, and have been using for quite some time. In fact, it now has over 1000 passwords stored in it. Needless to say, it starts up along with my computer. Not only will you always know the right password, but they will be secure from any prying eyes. It even auto-generates secure passwords that are then easily accessed for completing login fields as you surf the internet. Access Manager can be downloaded from its web site. Please, do use it.

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