Dodgeball (Hanes)


I haven’t played dodgeball in a couple score of years. And although I recall some weird study (or mere assumption) a few years back that stated dodgeball was too aggressive a game to be played by grade and elementary kids, to that I say, “Hogwash!” Anyone who looks back to their dodgeball days and has anything other than fun memories, please leave a comment to that effect. (Now counting….)

So for those who feel a virtual version of dodgeball will lessen the chances of their kids becoming overly-aggressive dodgeball-toting thugs, Hanes’ Explore offers a nifty online dodgeball game that all might enjoy. And illustrates, keeping Burger King (see below) in mind, that the internet is more than just a virtual poster board.

Oops, one more thing. I would have loved to sit in on the focus groups that generated the TV spots designed for Hispanics. (Hmmm…and that just reminded me of some Hispanic focus groups I ran for the Center for Disease Control through a health care organization. I did indeed learn things that would otherwise never have crossed my mind.)

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