GeoSelect (by Captain GeoBytes)


At first glance, the GeoBytes site and services seem uncompromisingly created by geeks for geeks. However, there is a difference — these are geeks with honest-to-goodness communications skills! (And I thought I had seen it all.) Although discussing what many might consider highly technical information, the superhero and cartoon approach removes that initial jagged edge we expect from geeks, and from which most “normal people” run away as quickly as possible.

The GeoSelect product demonstration by Captain GeoBytes does not immediately frighten away anyone not entirely familiar with the technical presentation. (In fact, given what I have seen, I suspect there might even be an English major somewhere in the mix! And among true geeks, not only is it a rarity, but maybe even considered cheating. Remember, you are not supposed to understand what they are saying.)

GeoSelect box Tony pic MsLondon pic

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