Ice2O French Door Refrigerator (Maytag)


Although Maytag is owned by Whirlpool, it apparently does not listen to Whirlpool’s management or share its skills at online promotions with Whirlpool. Granted, refrigerators are [a tad] more interesting than washers and dryers, but not that much so. Go ahead. Take a tour of the Maytag Ice2O French door refrigerator. I assure you there will be far fewer yawns than there were when we looked at Whirlpool’s washer and dryer.

In fact, Maytag even found a means by which games can be played online with its refrigerator. Now that took some real thinking. Chill-out and enjoy either QuickIce or Stock Me Up. (A “French Door” refrigerator? It does sound awfully fancy, doesn’t it?)

Addendum: Whoa! Check out the Web 2.0/Ajax-powered Compare page.

Maytag logo

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