Pixar Animation Studios


I cannot forget The Wonderful World of Disney that aired each Sunday night while I grew up. Likewise, I am certain there will be those (one day) looking back with equally fond remembrances of The Simpsons. Much time has passed between the two, but they share the timeless constants of superb animation and both targeted and timely storylines. And, they share genius.

Pixar Animation Studios continues that lineage of genius. It serves as a harbinger that animation will continue to bring both levity and life lessons in an often otherwise dull and colorless world. So let us leave our dull and colorless Monday morning (or whatever time of day it is wherever you are) and view life as it possibly should be more often. Enjoy these shorts, trailers, and outtakes from Pixar Theater.

And as you view the outtakes, ponder how long will it be before you actually prefer animated characters to real people in firms’ promotions? Might it be sooner than you think as animation continues its technological advancement into the subtleties of lights, shadows, and movements? Might animated characters one day serve far more often than they do even now as corporate spokespersons? My guess is the latter will occur, and even become the norm one day. So expect one day to see, get to know, and even hold dear “corporate avatars” developed by advertising and PR firms specializing in “animated talent.”


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