The Power Lunch Series (American Airlines: Why You Fly)


Wow! Podcasts? Life coaching? Nutrition advice? This is an online promotion for American Airlines? I could write a short article on this aspect of AA’s promotions, but I will spare you that. Instead, let me point you directly to The Power Lunch Series with life coach Valorie Burton and nutritionist Dr. Ro.

Each week, a video vignette featuring either Valorie Burton or Dr. Ro offers advice ranging from alleviating stress and being constantly overcommitted to healthy eating while on the go. And although one target audience is clearly women, there seems another audience in mind to an extent unlike anything I have previously seen — and especially from an airlines. However, maybe someone is looking ahead and sees the changing demographics of America.

You may wish to take a few minutes to look around at other parts of American Airlines’ Why You Fly site. Family reunion planning advice? A downloadable pdf file for tracing your family’s health tree? Quite frankly, much of the site left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. (And in consumer behavior theory that would be termed having positive “affect” and “attitude toward the ad.”)

AA Boeing 737-800

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