Treasure Island (Kellogg’s Fruit Loops)


As you may have gathered from my earlier Burger King posting, I am not a big fan of unabashed and unadulterated advertising to children. However, this is America and capitalism often wins out over good ol’ common sense — or years of peer-reviewed marketing research. I am not against all advertising to children, only given there seems no going back, and I do not so much mind what might be considered the best of the breed.

Treasure Island from Kellogg’s Fruit Loops is among the best of the breed. There is much fun to be had for children at the web site, although clearly commercial and designed to sell Fruit Loops. I enjoyed a few moments playing Bug Collector, a game where kids catch fireflies (called lightning bugs from where I hail). Fruity Delight is another fun little game. And then there are the three Swashbuckling Clips, each a self-contained advertisement, but also fun viewing. There is a tic-tac-toe game. And, there is a nice interactive component to the entire site, almost to the point of being educational for some late-adopter adult computer users.

In sum, Treasure Island is a fun place for kids with lots of neat little games, albeit games designed to have them cry, kick, and scream for Fruit Loops in the grocery store. Were Kellogg’s to simply ad the disclaimer on each page telling children, “This is advertising,” I might say all is entirely well with Kellogg’s and Fruit Loops. But since there is not, parents should play along with their kids and teach them what is and is not advertising. Still, a thumbs-up from The Distillery for Treasure Island.

Kellogg's 100th anniv. logo

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