“Yakima Challenges” (Yakima)


Yakima, the maker of excellent roof racks, now has excellent online advertising. And not only excellent, but hilarious. Yakima Challenges pit Yakima racks up against other (let us say, “unorthodox”) means of carrying one’s sports gear. The challengers include a mule, a cheerleader pyramid, and a roll of duct tape. (Hey, the duct tape has to win this one, right? After all, Homeland Defense even thinks it holds back the horrors of a chemical weapons attack.)

This series of three short web-only films, plus a redesign of the Yakima web site, is rumored to cost somewhere in the range of only one million dollars. You may already know that the production of just one 30-second commercial can cost far more than that, not including very expensive TV airtime to place them before the consumers’ eyes. This Yakima promotion is an excellent example of leveraging a small advertising budget into a large measure of exposure.

Clearly targeted toward an active and young (at heart, too) market, Yakima is also saying, “Hey! We get both you and the internet.” Do they? One sign they do is an option to download the ads as podcasts. Again, point your mouse, trackpad, etc. toward the Yakima Challenges. Trust me, they are worth your time. (And even if you’re watching at work, your boss will approve because he just watched them him/herself.) Unfortunately, unique URLs are not possible. So go forth and, “Watch the insanity now.”

  • Ground Control vs. Cheerleader Pyramid
  • Sprocket Rocket vs. Duct Tape
  • Skybox vs. Pack Mule
  • Oops, almost overlooked is Yakywood where in its theater you will find:

  • Speedy Piñata
  • The Obvious Guy
  • The Yearbook
  • Just as stated regarding its Yakima Challenges campaign, Yakima even goes so far as to admit the above three short films were produced with a small advertising budget that had to be no more than “half the national budget of Guatemala.”

    Yakima Skybox Yakima kayak rack Yakima bike rack

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