Flavia is another site that almost gets it right. There are some superb elements, but then some that are not so great. I get the impression from sites such as this that whatever advertising agency is being used, it is only just beginning to understand online viewers’ expectations, the internet and its capabilities, and how to fully exploit them. The Flavia site would have been considered superb only a year ago. Today, however, it is only so-so.

The Flavia Experience is new school. On the other hand, the Flavia Fusion demonstration is simple Flash with no sound. Caught in the middle is the TV special offer for the Flavia Fusion.

Let us go back to the Flash-only demonstration. Countless sites I have viewed could be made infinitely better with only the addition of background music or sounds. It seems so obvious that I have to wonder if either the advertising agency or the client even looks through the site once it is online. Or, where are the focus groups that would immediately give a Cesarean thumbs-down?

Flavia product 01 Flavia coffee bag 01 Flavia tea bag 01

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  1. SippinWhisky’s Distillery » Blog Archive » OnStar (Vehicle Diagnostics) Says:

    […] Although the vast majority of the OnStar site is nothing special, one portion does serve in helping make the point about simply adding background sound to an otherwise silent and boring presentation. Take a look at the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics demonstration. Aside from the initial voice-over, now imagine it with no sound at all, as we saw at Flavia. Big difference, eh? […]

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