FLY Pentop Computer


You have no idea how happy I am to have found this online advertisement for the FLY Pentop Computer. Why so? I was in KMart just last week, saw the FLY PenTop Computer, but even after looking at the packaging and reading its notes remained very confused about what I was holding in my hands.

All is now explained. I especially like the seemingly magical calculator functionality. Almost, if not indeed, quite amazing. (However, I am often easily impressed by the obvious.) You can even play games with this neat “gee whiz gadget.”

(A shameful admission: I likely remain clueless about many products because I do not own a TV. As you will see at the product’s web site, there are television commercials for it. And although both the commercials and product are apparently targeted for a younger market, I have a feeling a few adults will buy a FLY for themselves. I will.)

FLY logo
FLY Pentop Computer

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