Destination X (BMW)


How long will it be before "The Bicycle Kingdom" becomes "The BMW Kingdom?" And, what awaits the world when that time comes? Here is a glimpse of the answer: Destination X.

I found it more than a bit interesting to discover a Chinese BMW web site. It serves as undeniable proof that a 2000+ year-old country which preceded the birth of Christ, and then outlasted the Romans, the Mayans, The Age of Enlightenment, The Middle Ages, The Italian Renaissance, Britain's dominance of the high seas, Nazi Germany, and finally the former Soviet Union is looking toward the 21st century. And although there is little more of merit at the site aside from the opening page's short Quicktime piece (which is totally out-of-step with the daily life of almost every Chinese citizen), I find myself thinking just maybe The Tankman did make a difference.

BMW logo

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