N70 (Nokia)


We find the Nokia N70 (WAP, cell phone, music player, micro-computer, camera, movie recorder/player) awaiting China’s billions — of citizens and Yuan.

N70 with Yahoo
Chinese currency

3 Responses to “N70 (Nokia)”

  1. Zen Realist Says:

    You have a great potential for developing a paid, I-net subscriber base with your content and layout, similar to but not the same as the print Utne … Fun, informative fast reads, with in-built (linked) entertainment … the Wall Street crowd, CEOs, economists or The Economist crowd, etc., whose days would be lightened and ideas would be stirred … But, I’m sure that you have already thought of that.

  2. Zen Realist Says:

    You also need a “back” button, that takes you back to the page you were originally looking at, from the “Comments” page after one has submitted a comment. (No offense intended.)

    But thanks for everything else. The evolution is GREAT!

  3. SippinWhisky Says:

    Zen! I thought I had lost you. Thanks for the suggestion. I will see what I can do about it. I will be moving over the next several days so it may not happen immediately. Excellent catch. Thanks again.

    (And yes, the notion of a revenue stream has crossed my mind. That is why I have very slowly begun transitioning to a blog-space that is more advertising-friendly than WordPress.com. Any suggestions other than Blogger?)

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