Apology (Time-Warner’s Abject Incompetence)


Dear readers, I apologize for the lack of recent postings. I moved last weekend and have not had internet service since last Saturday — thanks to what has to be the most incompetent provision of customer service possible by Time-Warner/Road Runner. This posting is being made from a public terminal. I gave the cable company a full week’s notice to transfer my service, but no service was to be found when I arrived at my new home. I have now called Time-Warner/Road Runner no less than a dozen times, but still have no service, and after being told lie after lie after lie as to when it should be expected.

There is now no doubt that an intra-company contest is being held this month at Time-Warner/Road Runner for the most incompetent employee and/or department, with the winner(s) receiving no less than a few million dollars. Nothing else can explain what appears to be an utter and complete disregard for delivering the services for which a customer has paid. Calls that were supposed to be returned never were. Front-line customer service representatives were clueless and rude. Time slots during which a technician was to arrive either came and went, or the technician stopped by at a time other than appointed.

At one point, I was given a different number to call because of the problems I am experiencing in simply having a switch thrown at an office somewhere. That number led me to a [Time-Warner/Road Runner owned and operated?] phone-sex service. No doubt, I will likely see a $2-$10 charge on my phone bill for that most unusual experience.

At one point, following the suggestion of a technician, I plugged in my cable modem. And although no one has lived here for two years, I had cable internet service! They clearly never turned it off two whole years ago! That access lasted for all of a couple of hours and then vanished. I am now being told that was impossible. Impossible? If so, I have become delusional and hallucinatory.

Please forgive the rant, but this whole thing is ridiculous — and unnecessary. Theoretically, I am supposed to be back online by 5 PM EDT today [Thursday]. Oh, and should you hear of a local cable office being firebombed, it was indeed an act of revenge by yours truly, SippinWhisky. Jeesh….

6 Responses to “Apology (Time-Warner’s Abject Incompetence)”

  1. Zen Realist Says:

    That’s quite a diatribe. The Chairman and CEO is Richard D. Parsons. He can be reached at Richard.Parsons@timewarner.com. :)

  2. Zen Realist Says:

    HEY! (said with irritation!) I typed colon, right paren and got one of those irritating, stupid smiley faces! G-r-r-r-r!! The only redeeming grace is that it’s not BLINKING!
    DON’T DO THAT, Sippin. (Yes, I AM yelling … silently. I thought you were better than that.)

  3. SippinWhisky Says:

    Hey, the smiley face is news to me, too. Hmmm….

  4. Zen Realist Says:

    And the Chairman?

  5. SippinWhisky Says:

    If only you knew about one of my past lives. Just let me say I have more than once given a company plenty of rope to hang itself before calling into its corporate headquarters. The local Time-Warner office was to have reached the end of its rope this morning had I awoken without service–and without some form of recompense.

  6. Zen Realist Says:

    Seems like you possibly have an opportunity here, anyway, if you were to broach customer service and marketing issues at the senior executive level in a non-critical/defensive but quite creative way. Pitch your creativity, softly. Your blog speaks for itself. I’ve seen others “i-published” by some of the major media players … and yours is the best, so far, among THE players.

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