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Which is faster? Tiger Woods off the tee or a Formula 1 racing machine? Did Jacques Yves Cousteau wear a TAG Heuer Aquaracer? Did Steve McQueen ever wear a Carrera Chronograph or Formula 1?

TAG Heuer clearly “gets” the internet and its capabilities. (In fact, they not only got it, but ran like crazy with it!) Now, align that with the world’s best golfer and what do you get? You get the Profession Golf Watch, developed and worn by Tiger Woods. And let us not forget the Monza Calibre 36, a watch born in the 1930s, but still ticking after taking three-quarters of a century of licking.

My goodness! Will it ever stop with TAG Heuer? Clearly not with concept watches such as the Calibre 360 Chronograph, SLR Chronograph, and Monaco V6.

And although there are no lights and sound, women will definitely want to have a look at the Diamond Fiction. This watch is a work of art. Wow!

The astonishing alliance of high-end jewellery and avant-garde technology integrated into an audacious version of a new timepiece: the first time that diamonds give time. The Diamond Fiction is an exceptional watch, both glamorous and avant-garde.

An exceptional innovation, TAG Heuer’s latest haute joaillerie creation does not look like a watch, but rather a piece of haute joaillerie jewellery; it is precious and pure, and loaded with sexy space-age technology, designed exclusively for the fashion-forward female.

This luxury watch set with 879 Top Wesselton (5.8 carats) VS/SI (1.1 mm), full-cut, diamonds hides a surprising innovation: the digital display through the diamonds. 54 of the 879 diamonds have been cut in a revolutionary way to provide a very high-definition concentration of the light emitted by 54 LEDs (light emitting diodes) that display the time in glowing red. The red is echoed in the satin strap that gives a warm and silky look contrasting with the brilliance of the multiple diamonds.

Of inestimable value, only three of these exceptional haute couture timepieces have been produced.

Diamond Fiction watch

TAG Heuer logo

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