Almost full week later than promised by Time-Warner, The Distillery is back online! (BTW, would that qualify as a DOS attack? Hmmm….)The only good thing I can say about the horrific experience is that I at least received two months free service for their incompetence. Oops, I almost forgot to thank Jamie King (Tech 90), the superb Time-Warner technician and gentleman who worked overtime to get things rolling again. And now, on with the business at hand.

Today, I bring you Wicked Lasers. No, not exactly the toy-like lasers one can buy off a store’s convenience rack, but real honest-to-goodness burn-through-things lasers.

Have a look at the light show revealed by pointing a laser at a diamond. And, what happens when one points a Wicked Laser at a water-filled balloon? Wicked Lasers have been used in commercial for a beer unknown to me, a Heineken commercial, and on the hit TV program, CSI.

Wicked Lasers logo

Spyder model laser

2 Responses to “WickedLasers.com”

  1. night blah Says:

    is their site down? ive been looking into getting one, but i believe their site is down.

  2. SippinWhisky Says:

    I have checked and their site appears to be up and running. Sorry about getting back to you only now. Please forgive.

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