How about some British humor approaching the weirdness of Monty Python’s Flying Circus? Altoids, The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong mints, entertains us with The Altoids Entertainment Extravaganza. And if there is one thing I can sometimes admire, it is consistency. The Altoids site wallows in consistency by being as curious as are the mints it promotes.

Then again, being too curious can have its disadvantages. I am curious as to why the site seems to work so poorly, especially navigation-wise. Maybe it is on too slow a server. Maybe it is my browser’s security settings, but I am stuck on the pinball game page and cannot escape! (Hint: If clicking on the links does not work, use your browser’s “Back” navigation button to escape from pinball hell.) I am also curious about the rationale for providing games, but no instructions on how to play them. But again, that could be me. I have only very few precious times played any sort of video games. (Hint: For the pinball game, use your “Shift” and “Ctrl” keys to manipulate the flippers. Use the “space bar” to put the ball into play.)

Any and all problems aside, stop in and enjoy a bawdy Vaudeville-esque and semi-burlesque break from your day. Be certain not to miss The Amazing Bend-O. ‘Tis indeed curious fun. (And where have they been hiding the ginger flavor? I want!)

Altoids Ginger Mints box

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