We have visited Diesel previously. On our second visit, we find Diesel has not been simply sitting on its jeans, but instead has been hard at work. This time we find Camouflage Tales. The campaign’s implication is that one remains invisible unless wearing Diesel clothing. Only by spending ridiculous sums of money on designer jeans and clothing is one able to stand out from the crowd. And to make a long story short, boy gets girl.

The primary quibble I have about this site is again navigation. Macromedia Flash is clearly taking over the internet when it comes to multimedia presentations, and as I have previously noted, rightly so. However, it seems some web designers are still wrestling with, or simply do not understand, the need for ease of navigation around a Flash-powered web site. (Some web site design lessons I thought were learned years and years ago.) This Diesel site proceeds in a fairly linear progression, which makes sense considering the storyline, but it also removes too much control over navigation from the viewer (a.k.a. consumer).

Given that, I found the sight a tad boring in the sense of waiting for things to happen. That is only slightly ameliorated by the viewer’s interaction with the site via his/her mouse. Although this is a wonderful effort by Diesel, the entire message may never be seen by a viewer without plenty of time to waste.

So remember good readers, one major attribute that should be a component of online campaigns is allowing viewers greater control over what they see and when. After all, this is not your grandfather’s television set. Instead of merely switching channels if bored (and then not infrequently returning), they switch to another web site–permanently.

One more thing. While you are at the Diesel main page, click on Talent Support and then Raindance Film Festival (sponsored by Diesel). Once there, sit back and enjoy the 2005 Festival’s winning film, Right Place. It is quite excellent.

Diesel successful living logo

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