“Mind The Gap”


Mind the gap is a common cliché used by Londoners. A common warning heard at the London Underground Station. This Vlogumentary (83 MB; 20 minutes) is an investigation into the metaphorical London Underground: Stories, ideas and thoughts which might never surface unless we push and probe. It is an investigation of into the minds of the people of a multicultural London who face thousands of messages everyday from the media.

How immune are we to the messages that are sent out to us with hidden agendas. Do we possess the ability to filter out what is relevant to us and make our own assumptions at the end of the day? Do we see someone we meet as a person first and then their background? In short do we know when to mind the gap?

(Note: This film, by a Pakistani living in London, was created after the subway shooting of a suspected bomber who was later found to be carrying no bomb or weapons. He did not stop when ordered to do so by London police and was shot to death in the London Underground. The film can also be viewed in shorter individual segments at MindTheGap.com.)

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