iPod Your BMW


Maybe it’s something genetic for which medical science might one day have a cure, but I simply do not get whole iPod thing. Isn’t it simply an updated Walkman? But, that’s just me and I am clearly in a Luddite-esque minority.

After all, when my favorite automobile, BMW, teams up with what what has to be the world’s trendiest gadget, the iPod, I must be the clueless one. But, I will keep trying to “get it,” and just maybe one day I will. (Hey, I still have an honest-to-goodness LP turntable. And a darn fine one at that.)

To watch the demonstration video, first click on Menu (if necessary), then New iPod Interface Coming Soon, and finally Watch Video.

From BMW:

The new iPod interface will…allow users to incorporate their iPods directly into their car’s sound system, but with the newly available capability to sort their music by playlist, artist, album, genre, podcast, and finally, a random selection of 600 songs from the user library. Artist, song title and album will appear in the Display Monitor. The new integration means that BMW drivers can control their music through their existing audio system and multifunction steering wheel thus allowing drivers to access their entire music library, shuffle songs, skip between tracks and adjust volume more easily.

iPod BMW Z4 M Coupe
2007 Production BMW Hybrid Engine
(Yes, that is indeed the newly developed BMW hybrid engine that will power some 2007 model BMWs.)

5 Responses to “iPod Your BMW”

  1. Zen Realist Says:

    Mr. Sipp:

    It is difficult for me to believe that you are a radical agrarian fighting to change the course of the industrial revolution through your opposition to new technology.

    Might not your feeling be more aptly described as “a marriage of contrived redundancies”?

    Perhaps even more it is a matter of convenience, the convenience of memory (as opposed to the inconvenience of memory sometimes experienced by many humans).

    Approximately 2,800 miles coast to coast, driving. How many hours of music will BMW’s iPod store?

    “Neanderthal” is another word that comes to mind. However, combining forces or cross branding to make more money–perhaps lots more money–is considered … well, American. Although many might consider Americans to be Neanderthal (or adolescent) in their views and habits, few on earth quibble or disagree with the possibility of legitimately making more money. Apparently BMW and iPod believe this to be clever cross branding that will, without much effort, significantly increase profitability.

    Of course, this might also be considered the marriage of glamour to glamour. You, particularly, must be aware of how “In” glamour is today.

    Yours very truly.

    PS The earlier link to iPod was very boldly sexy. How delicious. How rare.

    PPS Do we still get to be seen wearing those little white cords as we drive cross country or has glamour been trashed for safety?

  2. Zen Realist Says:

    To expound & go other places …

    From Return of the Luddites By Jon Katz, W (Wired Online), 1995. Kirkpatrick Sale, the social critic and historian best known for his prescient book on the rise of the Sunbelt, Power Shift: The Rise of the Southern Rim and Its Challenge to the Eastern Establishment, and his brilliant portrayal of Christopher Columbus as raving imperialist scum, Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy, has come out with a vengeance as a “Neo-Luddite” in his new book, Rebels Against the Future: The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution (Addison-Wesley, US$24).

    FROM THE PUBLISHER (Barnes & Noble online):
    This is the story of a bold uprising by the earliest victims of the first Industrial Revolution, viewed from the perspective of today’s second Industrial Revolution, a vivid reminder that the current turmoil, driven by rapidly developing technologies and the global economy, is every bit as disruptive as the one created by the steam engine and laissez-faire. Rebels Against the Future is a work of careful scholarship, but it is also an exciting tale of people whose resistance to technology was so dramatic that their name has entered our vernacular. “Luddite” today refers to anyone unmoved by laptop computers and cellular phones, but this book reminds us that the Luddites were in fact real people, English working men who saw their livelihoods and homes, their communities and countryside, destroyed by the onrush of industrial capitalism.

  3. SippinWhisky Says:

    For a cross-country drive, I need only Hendrix and Santana. :)

    Please believe me when I say I am far from being a Luddite or opposed to new technologies. Thank goodness for them. Someone has to carry the torch and lead the way for the true Luddites. My friends would tell you I often remark most people must be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

    I just don’t get what the big deal is to know what bands or artists are on someone’s iPod/playlist, as I recently saw on the news regarding Hillary Clinton’s iPod. Nor do I need or want to know what that idiot in the White House has on his–other than my telephone calls.

    BTW, my favorite word processor is still my 25 year-old Watermans fountain pen. But in a pinch, I will resort to using a pencil–or even (gasp!) a ball point pen.

    But kidding aside (yea, right!), I do not dispute the almost certain mutual benefits of this particular stroke of co-branding genius. One is the “ultimate driving machine” and the other is the ultimate Walkman. What X-Gen or baby-boomer Yuppie in his/her right mind would be seen without the two?

  4. Zen Realist Says:

    Okay, Mr. Ludinsky, it’s a deal: Hendrix, Santana (volume way up), the best sound system, an open sun roof, air conditioning (on simultaneously!), and shaded windows [including the front, side windows … in some places, a little (un)judicious breaking of the law]. How are BMW cupholders? They’d better be the best, too. Price of gas, be damned!

    Begin East or West? North, Mid, or Southern route?

    Will there be a cruise ship on the other end or will it be by plane from there?

    Will this be a pleasure or working trip? (There is only one right answer.)

  5. SippinWhisky Says:

    Ah, the stuff that dreams are made of….

    But not really, I once had a BMW that fit your description almost to a tee. The only thing different was no shading, other than a dark sun strip across the top of the windshield.

    The route? There is only one for coast-to-coast–Route 66. And who knows what awaits us at trip’s end. It could be most anything, if you are daring enough. North to south? We’ll follow the City of New Orleans’ route as closely as possible.

    And last, I would like to find a way to make it a busman’s holiday. Why not get paid while playing?

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