SONY – “The Essence of Vaio”


I don’t know about you, but I’m now distrustful of all SONY products following its infamous and downright evil rootkit incident. Who knows what other dirty little secrets might be buried under the exquisite beauty and design of the SONY Vaio laptop? For me, the “essence” of SONY is now caveat emptor.

The Vaio laptop has long been on my wish list, but moved far toward the bottom when it was discovered that SONY had unleashed a potentially serious computer breech and definitively consumer-unfriendly software on its unsuspecting customers. However, if SONY is to make amends to potential buyers now as skeptical and distrusting as I, then it must offer even more very excellent advertising as seen here. (And remember, if you bought one of those nefarious CDs, SONY now owes you something for its nasty deed.)

Vaio notebooks by SONY, a firm not to be trusted.

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