Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Some industries get all the glamor and press. Computers come to mind first with seemingly everyone anxiously looking forward to any new offerings from Microsoft or Apple. But what about other industries with new product announcements that are no less important–and possibly more so? So although it is long at 37 minutes, this is how it is done in the airline industry, with a Boeing announcement that its new fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner has been approved for sale to potential buyers.

As noted, the video above is quite long. And given it is Friday with everyone trying to do as little as possible in as little time as possible, you might instead enjoy this “trendsetter video” (5 minutes) that provides an overall description of the Dreamliner.

And should you still just be killing time until 5 PM, then take another five minutes and view the Dreamliner’s interior. I do suggest you at least view this last video. Significant thought and design have gone into what is indeed a very different looking interior. Both inside and out, the Dreamliner is a beautiful aeroplane. I can only wonder what the Wright Brothers might say if they could see it.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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  1. SippinWhisky’s Distillery » Blog Archive » Airbus A350 XWB Says:

    […] Can anything or anyone save Airbus? Just in case you do not regularly watch the business news, there currently is a race on between Airbus and Boeing to build the better medium-sized passenger jet. For Boeing, it is the previously featured Dreamliner. For Airbus, it is the A350 XWB (extra wide body). And in both cases, the futures of the firms fly on the backs of both building the passenger planes and finding buyers. […]

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