Canon has taken an unusual approach to the online promotions of its products. I say unusual because its multimedia offerings are far from emotionally inspiring, but are downright clinical. It seems Canon does not want to sell you a camera as much as they want you to know how digital imaging equipment works.

Where is the passion stirred by great photography? Where are the emotional heartstrings at which old, faded photographs tug? Where is the vibrancy of color surrounding us as we go about our daily lives? And most of all, where are the pictures of babies?!

It seems Canon is entirely clueless about people almost invariably stating they miss photographs and other sentimental possessions the most following property losses in a major disaster. Those childhood, wedding, and ancestral photographs are the first items to be grabbed and saved when disaster looms.

Did not one senior executive at Canon (or its advertising agency/agencies) hear the laments of countless Hurricane Katrina victims who lost those items? Apparently not. Had the Kodak Brownie been invented and offered for sale by Canon, few people would have purchased one. And, it would not be the icon it is today.

Let us have a look at:

Compact Digital Cameras
Digital SLR Cameras
Digital Video Camcorders
Flatbed Image Scanners
Laserbeam Printers
Inkjet Printers
Network Digital MFPs
Semiconductor Exposure Equipment
X-ray Digital Cameras
LCD Projectors

slr camera video camcorder flatbed scanner inkjet printer lcd projector

Note: For Real Player versions of the above clips, visit:

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