Walkman (SONY Europe)


One kind reader of The Distillery seemed to take slight exception with my calling iPods nothing more than glorified Walkmans. However, from the company that can very easily lay claim to the notion of personal portable music we [again] have the SONY Walkman (in MP3 form).

Two decades ago when the first Walkman became popular, no one cared about the music (a.k.a. “playlists” in the 21st century) to which others might be listening as earbuds began appearing on subways and in listeners’ ears. So why now does it make the news? I can only surmise that our current fascination with any particular individual’s playlist (e.g., Hillary Clinton, George “What the…?!” Bush) is a harbinger of the apocalypse.

SONY MP3 Walkman NW-A3000 (20 GB) WalkmanWalkman

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