by is home to Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby. But first, a confession (paraphrased): “Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies!” That is, I know very little about children and whatever they truly enjoy. That said, appears to offer an excellent product that allows babies to do what I have observed babies do best–bang on things, specifically in this case your computer’s keyboard without the danger of losing or harming your applications and data.

I have just one quibble with the site. If you click on View Demos on the home page, a new window opens that begins a new audio-visual presentation, but the home page presentation does not stop. You therefore are barraged by competing sales spiels. To avoid that one needs merely to wait for the home page audio to cease before viewing the demos.

Giggles graphic Giggles graphic 02

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