V CAST, Verizon Wireless, & “Everything The O.C.”


Does anyone else find it ironic that as we progress to larger video screens on increasingly larger computer displays and home TVs there is also a march toward infinitely smaller video delivered via cell phones? And, as home theaters with five or more speakers and Dolby surround-sound become more commonplace we also have tinny-sounding music delivered via our G3 phones that makes Edison’s original phonograph sound downright symphonic? (And therein lies significant debate, in each latter case, if such “e-miniaturized” content delivery ventures will be successful and profitable.)

To give you an idea of what you may be getting with these new (and far too expensive, relatively speaking) services, have a look at this virtual demonstration (click on Videos) offered by Verizon Wireless and what I have heard is a popular TV program, The O.C., for brave ground-breaking consumers and their V CAST phones. (Or in the parlance of professional marketers, opinion leaders and/or early adopters. But in the parlance of reality, people with more money than brains.)

V CAST screenshot

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