Roomba & Scooba (iRobot Corporation)


iRobot Corporation’s name is likely unfamiliar to you. However, at least one of its products likely is not. Certainly you have heard of iRobot’s self-governing vacuum cleaner, the Roomba. (Click on Product Video to see the video demonstrations.)

Simply amazing, isn’t it? It appears the Jetsons and their wondrous technologies from TV past and a looney future are alive and well in the 21st century.

Red iRobot Roomba Roomba Discovery SE Roomba Scheduler

And while you are at the iRobot site, also have a look at its Scooba, the little robot that assumes the tedious burden of washing your hard-surface floors. (For additional videos, look for Product Video on the upper-right side of the page and Scooba in Action on the lower-right side of the page.) And from where did iRobot get that spokesperson with the squeaky and somewhat irritating voice? Might I suggest another voice-over instead by James Earl Jones (a.k.a. Darth Vader)?

iRobot Scooba

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