Whew! This has been one very busy day. I have friends in town for the beach and a wedding, and now must hurry off to the rehearsal and dinner, but before I leave…

Let us look at EyeWonder. From its web site:

Today’s rich media is richer (and more affordable) than ever. As audiences spend less time watching broadcast TV and more time online, the Internet is now delivering the mass audiences required by the top brands. Broadband connections at home exceed 55 percent, and users are craving more interactive media experiences when they go online. Advances in technology and expectations are making online ads richer, more affordable and more effective with each passing year.

Hmmm…it seems as if I have seen something very close to that somewhere before. Oh yea, right here at The Distillery. To save time I do not have today, please permit me to only direct you to EyeWonder’s Success Showcase. There you will find EyeWonder’s work for the U.S. Air Force, the 2005 American Music Awards, Brokeback Mountain, Kung Fu Hustle*, and a host of other well-known clients.

(* “Kung Fu Hustle” is a movie you really should see. Yea, I know the title makes it seem like something to be avoided, but I promise you will enjoy it. It is a Kung Fu movie with some great old martial arts masters, a sappy love story, a tale of spiritual enlightenment, and most importantly–lots of fun. Just trust me on this one, okay?)

EyeWonder logo

EyeWonder EyeCatcher

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