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Saturday, 3 June 2006; 23:47

Not unlike many people, I pretty much despise Micro$oft. Ten years ago when I was on the faculty at Vanderbilt University, that despicable behemoth of a firm cheated me out of something it promised in exchange for a personal introduction needed by one of its sales reps, and I have never forgotten the slight.

Hear that, Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek? And Micro$oft wonders why it was recently surveyed as one of the least trusted firms now doing business? Duh. But, provide me the Microsoft Office Suite promised me by your sales rep back then and all will be forgiven.

That vented, Scobleizer (a fellow WordPress blogger) brings to our attention another totally unoriginal idea from Micro$oftviral marketing at for a new operating system (Vista) I will do my very best to never buy or recommend, unless Micro$oft makes good on its still unfulfilled promise.

(And no, Micro$oft, you don’t even get a graphic or logo. I do not forget those who have cheated me. That is also why every single one of my clients is steered toward Open Office and not Micro$oft’s office suite. And, not a single one has yet complained about not having your product installed.)


Nokia’s Visual Radio & G3 Phones

Saturday, 3 June 2006; 21:05

Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday Morning always signs off with, “I’ll see you on the radio.” And when someone once asked another person why they preferred radio to television, their response was, “The pictures are better on the radio.” And believe it or not, both may well be correct with Nokia’s Visual Radio.

Would you like to see radio on a G3 phone? Then have a gander at Nokia’s Series 40 Visual Radio-enabled G3 cellular phone and demonstration on how it all works.

Nokia 91 G3 cell phone Nokia 3250 G3 cell phone Nokia 7710 G3 cell phone

(BTW, any interested parties might take note of the domain names–,, and–listed for sale here at The Distillery by SippinWhisky. For your financial peace of mind, all negotiations and selling/buying will be handled by

“The New Roommate – Animated Google Promo”

Saturday, 3 June 2006; 1:09

Clearly after the eyes, ears, fingers, text messages, and minds of [assumed clueless?] college students, Google offers The New Roommate – Animated Google Promo. And quite frankly, I am not certain what [good] to say about it. My mother instructed me to say very little if little positive can be found. (Do you honestly think I will start listening to my mother now? Hah!)

IM[not so]HO, the promo sucks. The first thoughts that came to mind were: (1) Google must think college kids are really dumb–or, Google knows better than I and college students really are dumb; (2) it took a Google genius to come up with that?, and; (3) P. T. Barnum was right. Any college student that falls heads-over-heels for this promo (and its load of “everything-in-life-is-better-with-Google“) was indeed a sucker born approximately 9,723,600 minutes ago. Yea, I know Google is all about simplicity, but there are also the concepts of respecting and even challenging intelligences. This promo does neither. (Sorry, mom. No, I still have not changed.)

(Full disclosure/s: Yes, I use Gmail. No, I do not use Google for 98% of my searches. Yes, I have an incomplete Google web page up somewhere. No, I do not use Google’s calendar. Yes, I do have and occasionally use a Writely account. No, I’ve yet to see any use for Google Sets. Yes, I love Google Earth. And no, I also do not use Google Desktop Snitch.)

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