“The New Roommate – Animated Google Promo”


Clearly after the eyes, ears, fingers, text messages, and minds of [assumed clueless?] college students, Google offers The New Roommate – Animated Google Promo. And quite frankly, I am not certain what [good] to say about it. My mother instructed me to say very little if little positive can be found. (Do you honestly think I will start listening to my mother now? Hah!)

IM[not so]HO, the promo sucks. The first thoughts that came to mind were: (1) Google must think college kids are really dumb–or, Google knows better than I and college students really are dumb; (2) it took a Google genius to come up with that?, and; (3) P. T. Barnum was right. Any college student that falls heads-over-heels for this promo (and its load of “everything-in-life-is-better-with-Google“) was indeed a sucker born approximately 9,723,600 minutes ago. Yea, I know Google is all about simplicity, but there are also the concepts of respecting and even challenging intelligences. This promo does neither. (Sorry, mom. No, I still have not changed.)

(Full disclosure/s: Yes, I use Gmail. No, I do not use Google for 98% of my searches. Yes, I have an incomplete Google web page up somewhere. No, I do not use Google’s calendar. Yes, I do have and occasionally use a Writely account. No, I’ve yet to see any use for Google Sets. Yes, I love Google Earth. And no, I also do not use Google Desktop Snitch.)

Google promo thumbnail
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