Lenovo (revisited)


The Distillery has visited Lenovo before. Still, it might best be known to you as the Chinese firm that acquired IBM’s PC division. (However, look at the presentation’s URL. It is still IBM.com. Hmmm….)

This time we have a presentation of Lenovo’s historical timeline. What is different about this particular timeline is its rich multimedia presentation. Although countless other corporate timelines have been seen by The Distillery, none have made an impression simply due to their static nature.

Maybe because it is a Chinese firm, Lenovo recognizes it must battle possibly inaccurate perceptions and therefore sell itself as it also sells its products. Could that be why I get the feeling in this particular case Satchel Paige’s sage advice not to look back may not be the best wisdom for Lenovo’s competitors to embrace? The Distillery strongly suspects Lenovo is gaining on a few firms that may not be looking back over their shoulders, but should be.

This is one foreign stock The Distillery suggests you consider buying. After all, this is a Chinese firm that has only scratched the surface of its own population of billions and billions of future computer users. And might I suggest you do so soon? As a sponsor of the upcoming Olympics in China, their share prices will definitely increase when the games begin.

Lenovo T series laptop Lenovo Convertible Tablet laptop ThinkCentre M Series desktop computer

Lenovo's worldwide locations. (Raleigh = IBM. I know because I once worked right across the street.)

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