Katherine Dunham, 1909-2006 (Library of Congress)


Although not corporate advertising, The Distillery feels compelled to recognize the recent loss of an historical treasure, Katherine Dunham. But in some sense, her works are indeed a form of promotion that will continue to “sell” the beauty of modern dance for generations to come. The following are just a few of the many interviews and snippets of her performances online at The Library of Congress:

Interview: Katherine Dunham on her influence on American dance (video and audio)
Interview: Katherine Dunham on the Circle of Energy (video and audio)
Dance performance: Ibo (video and audio)
Dance performance: Mahi (video and audio)
Dance performance: Washerwoman (video only)
Dance performance: Pas de Deux from “L’Ag’Ya” (video only)

Katherine Dunham, 1909-2006

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