“The Unseen Video”


This is a very interesting one*, especially concept-wise with respect to users’ geographic locations, and the weather where they are, influencing what they see. Even more, are we looking at an online advertisement for a German music CD, and not the typical music video we expect to see promoting a new release? It seems so. And, The Unseen Video is no longer unseen, is it?

* The site’s designers specify at least a “3ghz cpu” for best viewing. That addresses an issue with which I am certain many cutting-edge content providers are wrestling. Do they design for the technology available or for the technology people have, or pay more and design for both? ‘Tis indeed a bit of a conundrum. But as my friends often hear me say, most people have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The Distillery’s position? Drag them, and heed not their moaning and groaning.

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